2、这是argumentation的d型题,tension和understanding两方面都必须提及,只说一方面而不提另一方均以偏题处置,程度高者可得5分。作文的评分标准首条:answering the question accurately跟英语表达水平的高低没多大关系,这次是否会大开“杀戒”呢?普通考生,尤其是高中生该有什么对策呢?等这次outcome出来后再来斟酌。(附范文)


  international tourism now is the biggest industry in the world. unfortunately, it creates tension rather than understanding between the peoples from different cultures.to what extent do you agree or disagree with the above opinion?

  ----------argumentation-----totally 353 words-------------------tourism can create jobs and other opportunities for almost all communities. therefore, governments worldwide have worked out many incentives aimed at developing overseas market. personally i believe, tension is always accompanied with influxes of foreign visitors, which has already overshadowed understanding achieved via travel. (44words)

  let me start by talking about the tension brought by international tourism. last independence day festival , i , followed by a couple of friends, traveled to a small county located in bolivia. surprisingly we happened to see thousands of people singing and dancing on the street. three guys dressing in local costume swayed badly towards us, bringing drinking beer for us. owing to our arrival in a totally new place, we declined to take any alcohol in case of being entrapped. unexpectedly quarrels occurred as a consequence of language barrier. what’s worse, one of them spitted on us, whose behavior turned our journey to be a trip of humiliation and resentment. as a matter of fact, the local residents were celebrating yearly beer festival. our refusal was regarded as a bad manner to look down upon them. for this reason, i would infer that international tourists usually spend only one or two days staying in the same place. it is impossible for them to thoroughly have a good knowledge of the local culture. consequently misconception and disputes happen frequently between peoples embodied with varied culture backgrounds. (185 words)

  now let me turn to the discussion of understanding gained on the tour. generally a western tourist is fond of visiting different places with exploring different customs, particularly those primitive cultures in remote mountainous areas. such an exploration can expose himself with more opportunities of communicating with local people, which might be considered as a good way to better understand the local culture. however, different interpretation and religion eventually would probably lead him to conclude that those odd traditions handed down generation by generation in the destined region are no more than a superstitious belief. such understanding does little good to maintain sound relationship between nations. (106 words)

  all in all, global travel should be discouraged until understanding amid peoples overwhelmingly outweighs negative effects like tension.