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should grad student be paid higher than non-grads?

in our country, it is obvious now that the university graduates earn more money than non-graduates (a funny contrast in which it was opposite scenario when in 1970s china). i quite agree with those graduates who have paid a lot for their studies and expect to make more for either himself or his family. however, it is not so optimistically for those who hope to make it. the critical career competition makes them frustrated due to many factors involved.(79)

one of the utmost factors is they feel what they anticipate is not matching up with what they have found in reality. many university graduates are not satisfied with what they get for what they have done. as a matter of fact, some of them expect so unrealistic that they immediately lose the credit to the workforce they belong to. on contrary, some of the non-graduate students who are more realistic in career hunting tend to get more satisfied job compared with graduates. thus what really matters here in salary balance is how one can contribute to the organization rather than what background they hold.(105)

the tuition is really high in china. many high quality students due to this have lost their academic pursuit. this is really shameful for a family or any government who initially should take the burden for whatever reason is supposed to be. any responsible government should inevitably take this burden and put more money in order to bring up better next generation for the nation.(65)

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