《 notre dame cathedral》 is one known far and wide romantic faction strength which victor hugo writes . i take advantage of this summer vacation free time, read this great work.

  notre dame cathedral's story, actually was one at that time social epic poem, since brimmed with really. friendly. beautiful, also the flow selfish desire and is false. regardless of is good beautiful asmelada ,or has the ugly semblance, cacimodo with one pure mind, they represent the great amount the lower level populace which suppresses; perhaps is sinister coloud, he is appears by the theocracy face, all load bearing one kind of author's ponder.the author in this work, for with the clown, was beautifully friendly and wickedly does the best annotation, or take above three people as the example, the rebel asmelada has the beautiful semblance and the chaste good mind, as well as pitiful destiny, but cacimodo, he withstood destiny deceive nicely, the innermost feelings is his misery is graver, but coloud maintained the benighted social rights and interests, he had brutally. void mind and evil passion. good person physique hateful, but the evil person actually says the appearance shore however, bright set off, social unfair manifest.

  but the article result also is when the opposition society until criticism: all beautiful is good all swallows by the might and the evil, the lower level people's weak strength in under the king power rule, in the benighted society, only can be reduced to ashes. was palatial notre dame cathedral, how many world tragedy testimony once, in hugo the novel, he as if had the life breath, he sheltered asmelada ,exposed coloud the crime, regret the populace attack the magnificent feat which dark actually heroically devoted……

  another the question which is worth pondering is: who is the hero? asmelada or cacimodo? i think all is not, but is in the article by the louis 11 rank smell of blood suppression rather for sacreficed the populace gate, asmelada with cacimodo is not in them the representative, asmelada is loves with the beautiful symbol, cacimodo not many represents is unfortunate and the pain. but they, all suffer a tragic middle ages ignorant evil forces devastate, one each one painful soul is bleeding, flows the tear. merely is notre dame cathedral's above engraves " the destiny "? they are in middle ages france, despotism sacrificial victim.

  the entire story rich tragic color, the plot intense is moving, exciting. author hugo through " notre dame cathedral " this story, but also disclosed at that time the dark society's essence to the people. this fascinating story likes that ccimodo clocks sound equally shocks several generation of readers' minds.