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  in the past people thought that education was only for young people. now, it is believed that education is for a person's whole life. do you agree? state with you own experience and specific details.

  education is an indispensable part in a person's life. it illuminates human knowledge and culture, improving the development of science and technology. education is not only for young people, it should be proceeding in people's whole life.

  children begin to receive education at an early age in the kindergarten, \where\ they could learn some basic knowledge about our nature and acquire some living skills. when they go to primary schools and secondary schools, they study mathematics, language, physics and other subjects, which are fundamental and essential for their further study and education. when they go to university, they can study the subjects which they are interested in, making preparation for their future career. university is a place \where\ most learned people carry out research and study. there students have seas of knowledge and skills to learn. but university education is not the terminal of a person's study life.

  for one reason, our society is developing at an amazing speed along with the improvement of science and technology. if people stop studying after graduation from university, they can not keep abreast with the steps of social development and easy to be eliminated in the fierce competition. take the development of it as an example. the dazzling information technologies come to the fore every day. if a person does not learn the latest knowledge, they would not be able to develop new technology and products. therefore, a person should learn new knowledge for the whole life.

  as the saying goes,“never too late to learn”. to fit in with the development of society, a person must study during his whole life. otherwise, he will lag far behind the others. (277 words)